Inside Chickmont » The Poultry Experts in Barbados

Broiler chicks arrive on our farms from the hatchery and are immediately given feed and water, which affords the livestock a smooth transition from hatchery environment to farm. We grow our birds in computerized tunnel ventilated houses; where we are able to monitor and control the birds' welfare through the use of computers that produce real time environmental data such as water consumption, house temperature and air pressure. We are constantly communicating with our growers and our feed supplier to ensure that no hormones or steroids are introduced into our birds' feed and water supply. Upon reaching market age at about 5 weeks, birds are caught for processing. After grow out we wash and completely sterilize our pens to prevent disease and bacteria from growing and infecting any subsequent flocks. This process is considered "rest" for our pens and lasts a few weeks until we place another flock back in the house.