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Sales and Distribution

All poultry products produced are weighed directly into Our IBM AS/400 computer system using a Weighing Station. When the product goes across the scale a label is produced carrying the net weight and product description. This label is placed on the bag or tray for the product. The product is then sent to the Fresh Room or Holding Freezers for distribution.

When You Our Valued customer place your order, it is keyed directly into our Sales Order program on the AS/400 system. A Picking slip with the customer information, product name and ordered quantity, as well as any other Special instructions for delivery is printed. This picking slip is given to the Sale and Distribution Supervisor to process your order.

The Supervisor uses the picking slip to supply products for your order. The products are brought from the Freezers or Fresh Room, and the labels scanned into the Scanning Out program on the AS/400 system. On confirmation of an order in this system an Invoice is produced. This invoice accompanies your order when it is delivered to you.